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Many homes have stairs that go round one or more corners. The curves are often tight and the stairs narrow. Greater Houston Stair Lift installs a number of curved stairlifts to suit such stairs. We can deliver a made to measure solution to suit all curved stairs, wide or narrow. Your safety is assured.

The best thing is that you can continue living independently in your own home for as long as possible!

Some stairlift and accessibility companies will only install straight stair lifts. While straight stair lifts are much less expensive, a client sometimes requires a lift that goes around corners and across landings.

Accurate measurements and installation are essential for this type of lift. Greater Houston Stair Lifts has the latest computerized camera equipment. This assures your curved stair lift will fit accurately.

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Freecurve Curved Stairlift

2000 Curved Stairlift

Curved Stair Lift Experts

We are experts at this type of custom stair lift. Our curved stairlifts have a built in battery system so that it will work, even during power outages. One of several features on our lifts is an on-board diagnostic system. In the event of a problem, just call us and tell us what the is on the display. In most cases , we can diagnose problems over the phone. This will save you money on service calls. Greater Houston Stair Lifts, 281-538-1215.

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Choose the Right Lift for your Stairs!

We offer the Sterling 2000 indoor curved stair lift, 2000 outdoor curved stair lift, Freelift Rembrandt for the inside of the stairs, Freelift Van Gogh for the outside of the stairs, and the Freelift Vermeer for multi-story stair cases. Greater Houston Stair Lifts 281-538-1215.

Our range of four safe curved stairlifts solutions:

  • Sterling 2000: for either side of the stairs.
  • Freelift Rembrandt: for the inside of the stairs, normally the shorter wall or banister measurement.
  • Freelift Van Gogh: for the outside of the stairs, normally the longer wall or banister measurement.
  • Freelift Vermeer: our multi-story stairlift.